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Monthly payment

For example: if borrowing 5 000.00 EUR over the period of 0 months, annual interest rate of NaN%, an agreement fee of 1.5%, monthly administration fee of 0.02%, APR - NaN%, the total payable amount is 0.00 EUR and a monthly payment is 0.00 EUR.

You may be also offered different terms and conditions of the online loan, which can depend on the results of your creditworthiness and risk assessment carried out by the bank.

Small Loan

Small Loan

„Inbank“ small loan helps you to realise, small or big ideas you may have. Based on your needs and financial capabilities, assess which short-term or long-term loans best suit your needs, and „Inbank“ will take care of providing a quick loan.

Car Loan

Renovation loan

A smart solution for all home renovation tasks. With an „Inbank“ loan for home renovation, you can do all the home renovation work: buy new household or garden equipment, renovate walls and furniture, or even make major repairs. You will not need to pledge property to get a loan, and you will be able to pay for both goods and services.

Travel Safely!

Car Loan

Are you choosing another car? An „Inbank“ online loan will help you to buy it. The vehicle will belong to you, and the amount of the car loan can be up to 15 000 euros. Evaluate if you need a quick loan. Whatever you decide, our car loan is provided promptly and on favorable terms. Find out the advance payments by using our car loan calculator.

About Inbank

Inbank is a bank with Estonian roots that operates in Lithuania and nearby countries, where it provides consumer financing and depositing products. We want to use digital solutions to take our products to the places where they’re needed. Inbank currently has approximately 550 000 active client contracts in four countries.

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If you are looking for a well-priced loan online, check preliminary conditions with the Inbank loan calculator. Be aware that other conditions for a loan might be offered. They depend on the assessment of your creditworthiness and risk, the size of a small loan, and the term of the agreement.

Fill out an application for a loan online, we will evaluate it and provide you with specific terms and conditions. Loans are available from 7:00 to 22:00 every day, including non-working days.