Select purpose of the loan

Inbank loan will help you implement your small and big ideas. Based on your needs and financial capabilities, evaluate whether you need a quick loan or a long-term loan to better suit your needs. When choosing the cheapest loans offer, pay attention how you would use it: whether it is for a home renovation, a new car or various larger purchases and Inbank will take care of providing a quick loan.

Comparison of loans

Small Loan Renovation Loan Car Loan
Purpose of the loan Not limited Renovation and furnishing Vehicle purchase
Amount 1 500 - 15 000 4 000 - 15 000 1 500 - 15 000
Period 6 - 72 months 6 - 72 months 6 - 72 months
Interest rate 9.9% - 16.9% 9.9% - 11.9% 8.9% - 15.9%
Agreement fee 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Administration fee 0.02% from 0.14% 0.02%
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For example: if borrowing 5 873.00 EUR over the period of 63 months, annual interest rate of 10.90%, an agreement fee of 1.5%, monthly administration fee of 0.02%, APR - 12.58%, the total payable amount is 7 927.29 EUR and a monthly payment is 125.83 EUR. If you are looking for the cheapest loans, you can find out the preliminary conditions with the Inbank loan calculator. We aim to offer you the cheapest loan, but you may be offered other online loan terms, depending on your bank's creditworthiness and risk assessment and the amount of consumer credit and the term of the agreement.