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Inbank strives to be active, smart and open.

Inbank active

Inbank active

We are biased for action and we are always looking for opportunities. We expect results, value perseverance and learn from setbacks.

Inbank smart

Inbank smart

We esteem inquisitive, curious minds not afraid to challenge the status quo. We value professionalism, attention to details and practical solutions.

Inbank open

Inbank open

We are a team of specialists where each member matters. Diversity of opinion, intellectual argumentation and cooperation are highly encouraged.

Why join Inbank team?

Our rapid growth and international ambitions set us exciting challenges every day. In addition to motivating tasks, we offer our team members the following advantages.

Challenging and exciting work

Competitive salary and motivating bonus system

Flexibility in working hours and place of work

A Comfortable work environment

All support you might need

Excellent people and great team events

Additional health insurance

Skiing trip with colleagues and other sport activities


Our requirements

Finding new people who fit in our team is essential for our success. We therefore consider carefully whether an applicant would fit well in our team. See the requirements our colleagues have set for new team members.

If nothing is impossible for you - we go the same way!
We look forward most to those who are resolutely committed to the goal, but remember to be a part of the team. If you are a forerunner at work and spend your free time actively - you will fit perfectly.


I hope the new colleague is openminded to the world. A curious and genuine fan of their field who can express their views in an argumentative way. Most importantly, they're determined to pursue their goals but at the same time is able to launch ideas that haven't proved their worth yet.


I am always looking for new colleagues who are passionate about their work and do it with passion and excellence. A must-have feature is to deal with problems quickly, easily and with humor (sometimes even black)!By the way, unusual hobbies are always accepted and tested.